Sunday, June 22, 2014

Boogie Board - material review

My last buy was the Boogie Board in Dallas Airport. I found that the toys are very different from Europe - the shop was Geppeto's. The staff is just wonderful and very nice. Although it is a small airport shop (in terminal A), I lost myself inside. I bought a Folkmanis' frog puppet and a Boogie Board.
The last one is specially useful when working with horses and dirt. I think it is just amazing - here is a picture of it! All kids want one! It is really a success and it really substitutes my whiteboard.

There is plenty of them but I own the classical one. It is an electronic board and that allows us to write on its surface using a pen with a plastic hard tip. With just one click, the image just disappears.
It has a lot of advantages:
-With the arena dirt it doesn't stop its work, against the normal pens - with sand they get stuck or get bad anyway;
-We don't need to recharge the battery, because it has a watch battery that allows a lot of usage!
-It is not that expensive such as a normal tablet - so, if the horse or the child breaks you just loose $34;
-You don't waste that amount of paper.

However, with the dirty it can get scratched.

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