Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Activity #4 - Collecting the objects

Hello from here! Sorry for not posting for so long.
This activity aims to pretend a computer game about collecting objects around the arena walls.
The procedure is explained to the child, before its start.
One lap must be completed to show the objects arrangement. All the objects must be drawn on a paper and, right in the middle of the arena, the child must name all of them. Respecting the order of the drawings presented, the child must point and/or turn the head towards the object.
Depending on the equestrian skills the child presents, the horse must attain the object and stop near it. It can be done just in a oral-verbal form or the child can use the equestrian skills such as reins, etc.
You must attribute a number of points to each object, so this is the reinforcement to the child: collect objects and get more and more points!

Now, once more, everything depends on your goals and imagination!

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