Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Activity #3 - Searching for that sound

Today's activity comprises some goals. It is not a very original one, but it aims to systematize my practice.
These are some goals which can be achieved with it:
-Identification of target sound positioned on word
-Decision about the sound that is included in that word (betwen two or more options)
-Production of target sound on word
-Identification of phonetic error made by therapist
All these goals must be selected depending on client level - they must not be random neither shuffled.

Procedure: the activity must be explained to the client. It can be performed inside or outside the arena and visual support must be chosen based on client skills. The funniest  way is to do it outside trails, using natural elements as stimuli. While you are walking around, you can perform the tasks you previously decided, such as:
Oral production of words including target words:
-That bulb produces ... light;
-This signal is a ... circle/triangle;
-The flower is ... yellow;
Identification of words which include target sound:
-Present to the child two or more stimuli using real elements found on your trail. One of those objects must include the target sound when named. The child must identify that one.

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